The Benefits of CNC Machines

What You Gain From CNC Machines

Machining is need to produce nearly everything in steel. All the way from new parts to developing prototypes

, a lot of time is spent machining. So what kind of benefits do we get from CNC machines?

For starters, CNC means computerized numerical control. With the help of modern programs like CAD (Computer aided design), it is very easy to create products to very precise specifications. Modern CNC machines are very efficient and since they are computer driven, they can operate all the time. Manual machining can require hours of time and measurement to produce the same results.

They are most efficient for producing large amounts of similar parts. Through automation a simple project can be left running and producing all night. It’s still not a good idea to leave any machine unattended though. For more personalized or custom parts, manual machining may still be needed.

They’re are a lot of different types of work that the machines can do.

  • Drillscnc machines houston texas
  • Lathes
  • Plasma Cutters
  • Electrical Discharge Machining
  • Water Jet Cutters

Most of the modern machines provide very simple previews for the machinist. This way he can simulate a prototype without having to manually produce it. CAD programs even allow for multiple parts to be designed and tested for combination. The software can let you know things like if the sizing is wrong or certain points are too weak. This has drastically improved machine work for the whole industry.

Open and Closed System Machines

It is required in nearly all commercial machining that closed system machines be used. Open system CNC machines can easily experience a crash or misalignment. The machine has almost no idea of it’s canvas or work area outside of what the operator has told it. This can lead the spindle to impact something it didn’t expect. While it doesn’t know that it’s misaligned it continues its job.

That’s why in industry, a closed system must be used to ensure accuracy and reliability. When a closed system spindle reaches an error, it will still stay on course. Since it knows the position of its spindle, it will try to push past an obstruction or stop the process.

In both cases, if the spindle occurs something unexpected, the operator should stop it immediately. Failure to do so can result in machine crashing. In this state the CNC machine risks causing damage to the product or itself.